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The House of Windsor Quality English handcrafted giftware and collectibles!

Since its inception in 1981, the House of Windsor has been an importer of quality traditional English handcrafted giftwares and collectibles. It was launched when our buyers first saw DAVID WINTER COTTAGES in a store in St.Ives, Cornwall, England. They located and met with David Winter and John Hine to organize a marketing strategy similar to the one used by Mr. Hine who was doing most of the selling in England at the time. We became the first American wholesalers to purchase directly from the John Hine Studios and to introduce David Winter Cottages to American retailers. While attending major trade shows in England, our buyers have negotiated agreements with the owners of WARWICK MINIATURES, McMILLAN AND WIFE, CLASSIC CLOWNS, CLASSIC FLIES OF LANGHOLM, SCOTLAND, MELLOR STUDIOS, CASTLE CERAMICS, TONY WOODS, and LJB POTTERY. We are now introducing the Widecombe Fair Collection of character jugs from WIDECOMBE POTTERY, along with quality horsebrasses, martingales, solid brass doorknockers, and solid copper warming pans from foundries in Birmingham, England.

Our buyers will continue attending trade shows in Harrogate, London, Birmingham, England, and visit sites where the items are made to meet with the artists and craftsmen and to evaluate quality control standards. We purchase in quantity directly from the owners of potteries, studios and foundries, and maintain a local inventory from which to ship directly to our customers upon receipt of orders. We have shipping forwarders throughout England who expedite our shipments from England by air container freight, and customs brokers in Seattle and Portland who move our cargo through US Customs with minimal delay. As a result, we do a better job filling orders as they are placed. We can usually ship within 36 hours from the time you place your order.

For over twenty-eight years we have exhibited at trade shows within the western region of the United States, limiting our sales to retail stores. The entire commercial picture is quickly changing and we feel it is necessary to keep up with change. For the first time we are extending our services and merchandise directly to the consumer through the internet in order to broaden our market. If you are a retailer, however, please be assured that we will continue serving the trade with the same quality service and price structure we have provided in the past. We will continue attending major English gift and collectible trade shows in search of new and exciting merchandise to add to our existing lines. From time to time we will offer special “inventory reduction” prices to customers who have indicated an interest to us. We listen to our customers and encourage you to inform us regarding what you want us to look for while we are attending future trade shows in England. We cannot continue to grow without your continued satisfaction and business.

Mission Statement

TO provide outstanding service and handcrafted European giftware’s/collectibles of heirloom quality.

TO guarantee privacy regarding all discussions and transactions between our customers and ourselves.

TO seek cost reduction through efficiency, new technology, and to pass our savings on to our customers.

TO base our profit on overall volume rather than each individual sale.