Featured Products | Pre-Decimal Coin Collections

//Featured Products | Pre-Decimal Coin Collections
  • PRE-DECIMAL COIN COLLECTIONS: Carded British Sterling Collection

    This collection of authentic original pre-decimal coins is for the more budget minded collector as it is displayed on a sealed card rather than in a wood picture frame. It includes a farthing, half penny, penny, three penny piece and a sixpence.

    This is an original Victorian penny, over 100 years old, and attractively displayed on card behind a protective cover. Order now PRE-DECIMAL COIN COLLECTION: Victoria Set.


    This coin collection includes authentic pre-decimal coins struck during the years of national "glory," but are no longer in circulation. A farthing (1/4th of a penny), half penny, penny and a brass three pence are affixed on a illustrated card honouring the Battle of Britain. All of the coins are dated and were issued by the Royal Mint during WW11. A very nice piece of history. Order now PRE-DECIMAL COIN COLLECTIONS: Rule Britannia.
  • This set Includes an authentic/original Victorian penny over 100 years old, attractivelly illustrated by the Coinage in-house design team in England and  displayed in a handsome wood frame. Victoria had a special closeness to Scotland which makes a penny minted during her reign a fitting souvenir. The Queen Mother, mother of Queen Elizabeth 11 maintained the family Scottish connection with her beloved second home of Balmoral Castle.