Celtic Crescent Pendant With A Genuine Moonstone.

Celtic Crescent Pendant With A Genuine Moonstone.


Celtic Crescent Pendant 9424

This impressive Celtic Crescent Pendant features Celtic Knotwork within the Crescent enhanced by a genuine Moonstone. The ancient Celts feared unseen evil spirits that roamed the universe and brought grief when people were least suspecting, especially during the darkness of night. The Crescent would protect the wearer as it represented the moon which would provide light. This Crescent is enhanced with a genuine Moonstone to provide additional light, increasing the amount of protection one would receive. The Moonstone has been used in amulets and jewelry for over 4000 years.

This pendant is designed and made my skilled craftsmen at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers of the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile has been the center of the goldsmith and silversmith trade in Edinburgh for centuries. It is made in the finest 925 Sterling Silver (92.5% pure Silver and a 7.5% mix of pure Copper and Antimony for added strength and durability.) It comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain and is shipped in a quality black and gold presentation box. It measures approximately 1.06″ x .71″

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Celtic Crescent Pendant With A Genuine Moonstone.

Designed in Scotland by Hamilton & Young Jewelers in Edinburgh.

Made entirely in the finest British .925 sterling silver.

Comes with a sturdy 16″ sterling silver chain.

Will be sent from our local inventory to you in a quality black and gold jeweler box.

Approximate size: 1.06″ x .71″


This special Crescent pendant includes a genuine Moonstone with two Triquetra Knots in its design. The Crescent represents a New Moon and the Triquetra Knots pay tribute to the Triple Moon Goddess. The interlacing Endless Knots remind us that Celtic artists did not like empty space in their designs and no knots will include an end or beginning. Balance and unity were very important attributes in their work.