Original Celtic Cross   HY 0480

This  unique Celtic Cross is designed and made by Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers located on the Royal Mile, home of  Edinburgh’s  gold and silversmiths since the 5th Century. Hamilton & Young are proud of their heritage and are committed to conducting extensive research to make certain their jewelry is an authentic reproduction of ancient Celtic culture based upon traditional Celtic values and artifacts. It is crafted entirely in the finest British .925 Sterling Silver and will be sent from our inventory with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain and in a quality jewelers presentation box. It measures approximately  .69″ x 1.02″

All Celtic Crosses are not alike. What makes this a unique Cross is in its design. It is a reproduction of an original Celtic Cross before the Celtic people became Christians. sometime in the 5th century.  The original was a Sacred Circle enveloping a Cross with four arms of equal length touching the outer boundary of the circle. These arms represent the four seasons and the corresponding with the different stages of life according to the teachings and values of the Druid religion. The Sacred Circle was home of the Moon Goddess Ceridwen, protector and uniter of the people. To the pre-Christian Celts, all of the combined energies of the “Natural World” (physical) and the “Otherworld”(Spiritual) reside within the center of the Circle, the exact point where the arms of the cross intersect. The four equal sections within the circle formed by the intersection represent the four seasons (Winter, Spring Summer and Fall) and the four parts of the individual (Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.)The center of the circle is equal distance from the outer boundary; the arms of the cross are equal lengths, there are four seasons and four parts to the individual; this brings unity and balance to our lives and this was very important to the Celtic people.

The Triquetra knots in the design represent “eternity” as there is no beginning or end to the knot. It ends at the beginning and starts over again. Life is the same: a tree comes to life in the Spring with the coming of the leaves, matures during the Summer, ages during the Fall and dies in the Winter when it loses its leaves and becomes bare. But it is reborn in the Spring when life returns and the cycle goes on, it’s life is eternal. The Triquetra knot has three points. This represents the Triple Moon Goddesses (Maiden, Mother and Crone) and corresponds with the life cycle of the individual and the phases of the moon. (Maiden/youth/new moon, Mother/middle aged/full moon/Crone/elder/wanning moon.

St. Patrick drew a Latin Cross through the Sacred Circle and since the number “3” was important to the Celtic people, the Trinity was born.