Celtic Everlasting Knot Kiltpin

Celtic Everlasting Knot Kiltpin



Celtic Everlasting Knot Kiltpin

Handcrafted from a pen and ink drawing to a finished kiltpin by Pewtermill Crafts  for more than 50 years.

Designed and handmade in Scotland by Pewtermill Crafts, member of the prestigious Association of British Pewter Craftsmen.

Individually handcrafted using traditional smithing methods and 100% lead-free Fine British Pewter, exceeding industry standards set by BSEN611-1 and British Standard 5140.

Quality Hallmarked. Carries Pewtermill’s exclusive “tap-mark,” their guarantee of high quality material an high standards of workmanship.

Non-allergenic and non-toxic.

Approximately¬† L 3.75″ x W .79″



The everlasting knot is also referred to as an endless knot or Eternal knot. It is just that; there is no beginning or end in anything: “we always come back to where we started and begin again.” When we watch a ship disappear over the horizon, someone on the other side of the ocean is watching it appear. It reminds us that when we depart from the physical world, we are reborn into the “Other World.” That there is a balance, a pattern, that provides a wholeness in our life by connecting everything together.

The Everlasting knot is like the circle, both represent Eternal life, Unity and balance

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Weight.22 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.50 × 1.50 in