Celtic Knotwork Pendant  HY 0231

Our silver jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Scotland by skilled Scottish craftsmen using only the finest British .925 sterling silver. Each pendant measures approximately .60″ x 1.10, comes with a sturdy 16″ sterling silver chain and will arrive in a beautiful blue and gold jewelers presentation box.

This lovely Celtic Knotwork Pendant is designed and created by the professional team at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers on the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh, home of  Edinburgh’s goldsmiths and silversmiths since the 5th century.

This traditional endless knot pendant is inspired by Celtic Knotwork patterns found in the artwork on stone Crosses the Celts left behind for future generations to figure out. A good Celtic artist would never leave a loose end without stylizing it into a spiral, or Triskele Knot.  We should enjoy the beauty of these knots, but should not ignore the true meaning as the knotwork is a form of communication in itself.  The design is about traditions and beliefs of these proud people of the past.  There is no beginning or end to the knots as it is designed to remind us of the timeless nature of the human spirit; that life is an infinite cycle of birth and rebirth. They believed in the existence of two worlds (the Natural and Spiritual) that exist side by side, sharing a common and fluid border. The ancient Celts believed we are constantly passing through one of the worlds on the way to the other only to return at some future time. Claire, in the story Outlander, passed from the present into the past by touching one of the Sacred Standing Stones while standing in the Sacred Circle. The “over” and “under” path of the knot-chord  is symbolic of the repeated crossings we experience as we pass from one world into the other and return again. Like the tree that appears to die in late Fall when its leaves drop and it becomes barren, only to be “reborn” again in the Spring.  All living things follow the same cycle on their journey; it represents the permanence and continuum of life, love and faith on our journey of eternal life. The “over” may also be seen “good days” in our lives;  the “under” representing the “not-so-good.”  When we are experiencing periods of “despair”, there is always “hope” around the corner.

This pendant makes a very nice gift for someone who appreciates  Scotland, its proud history and culture.