Celtic Love Ring

Celtic Love Ring



Celtic Love Ring

Designed in Scotland by Hamilton & Young Jewelers.

Made with the finest British .925 sterling silver.

Comes in sizes 6, 7, 8 and 9. 

Please include the required size with your order.

This Attractive Love/Friendship ring has “ANAM CHARAID” embossed around it to show a special bond between two people. During the 6th century AD, St Brigid of Kildare, Ireland wrote:

“A person without a soul-friend is like a body without a head.”

It is worthy of note that other writers over the centuries have written that

“Without a soul-mate, a person will stumble along creating habits of thinking and  walking the path of eternal life without a true companion and friend is behaving that could lead them to their own destruction. When you find that special friend you want as your ANAM CHARAID,  let them know by asking them they if they would accept this Celtic ring.”



Additional information

Weight.10 lbs
Dimensions2.00 × 1.75 × 1.50 in