Celtic Pendant HY 9154

Celtic Pendant HY 9154



Celtic Pendant  HY 9154

This very attractive star shaped Silver Celtic Pendant is designed by the skilled craftsmen at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and designers on the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh, home of Scottish silversmiths and goldsmiths for centuries. It features a traditional Celtic knotwork design and comes with a  16″ Sterling Silver chain. It is shipped in a quality black and gold presentation box and measures approximately  1.38″ x .99″

This unique knotwork design uses Trinity Knots, also known as Triquetra (three-cornered) Knots to form a Celtic Cross in the center. The Latin Cross in the center includes a circle that intersects all four arcs, forming the traditional Celtic Cross design. The surrounding circle is a carry-over from the Druid religion practiced by the Celts before they converted to Christianity. The circle represents the Moon or Sun Goddess.  The Moon Goddess protects us during the darkness of night from the “Evil Eye” during the darkness of night when we are the most vulnerable and the Sun Goddess gives us life. As you can see, there is no beginning or end as the lines are continuous. This reflects their belief that life is eternal. Notice also, that the lines of the Knots weave through the line of the circle. This is in reference to the “ups” and “downs” (the “over” and “under”) we experience during our journey through life in both the physical and spiritual world.

This beautiful Sterling Silver pendant will delight someone who loves the Celtic Culture and appreciates the beauty of Celtic Knotwork.