Celtic Pendant (Dee) HY 0888

//Celtic Pendant (Dee) HY 0888

Celtic Pendant (Dee) HY 0888



Celtic Pendant (Dee)  HY0888

This very attractive Celtic Pendant is designed by the skilled artists  at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It is made entirely in the finest British .925 Sterling Silver and comes with a 16″ Silver chain. It is shipped in a quality black and gold presentation and measures approximately .65″ x .95.” The heart was seen as the center of life by the ancient Celts, that which makes us human. The unique knotwork center of the heart in this pendant creates additional hearts in the design, by connecting  triquetra (three cornered) knots (or trinity knots). How many hearts can you count? One of the most important elements in ancient Celtic art was the use of triplication, or groups of three, in their patterns and designs, making the  triquetra the most common knot in both jewelry and artwork. Celtic deities were often three headed or had three faces. It is believed that this is due partly to their belief in continuity of time (past, present and future), or the universe (The earth, heavens and the underworld) In their minds, life is eternal with past, present and future, or/and earth, heavens and the underworld all being part of our infinite journey through life. They believed that people passed through all three on their journey. This is all connected to the Druid religion they followed before being converted to Christianity during the 5th Century. The Druids believed that we are only part of the whole and this fit nicely in their knotwork designs, including the triquetra formed hearts within the “external” main heart. Although the ancient Celts are seen as barbarians by contemporary writers, the art they left behind reflects the thinking of a sophisticated culture.