Celtic Pendant (Kirstie)

Celtic Pendant (Kirstie)


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Celtic Pendant (Kirstie)

Designed in Scotland by Hamilton & Young Jewelers in Edinburgh.

Made by skilled Scottish craftsmen using the finest .925 British sterling silver

Comes with a sturdy 16″sterling silver chain.

Approximately .36″ x 1.35″

Will be shipped in a quality black and gold presentation gift box.


Celtic knotwork often centers around their belief in eternity. Nothing “begins” or “ends” as an end becomes a new beginning. A tree dies in the Fall, for example, only to be reborn in the Spring. A ship disappearing over the horizon is appearing on the other side.  The Celtic people did not possess a written language until the 5th century so their artwork became their main form of communication. In this case, the artist was using two strands in a knot, so may have been referring to the two parallel worlds and our journey through our eternal life. Where the two lines cross, people can move from the “physical world” into the “Other world” and return. While you are dreaming or in a comma, you are in the “other world” and when you are awake, you are in the physical world






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Weight.12 lbs
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