Celtic Pendant (Shona) HY 0882

//Celtic Pendant (Shona) HY 0882

Celtic Pendant (Shona) HY 0882



Celtic Pendant (Shona)   HY0882

Our Silver Pendant, Shona, is designed by the team at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It is made entirely in the finest 925 Sterling Silver and comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain. It is shipped in a quality black and gold presentation box and measures approximately .41″ x .65″

Before they were converted to Christianity during the 5th Century, the Celts believed that all life moved in three eternal cycles, constantly regenerating life at each point. This lovely pendant is designed with the ancient Triquetra Knot from their Druid religion that later became known as the Trinity Knot representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It was believed to protect the wearer from illness and other dangers from the “mischievous fairies” and the “Evil Eye” that roamed unseen throughout the universe.