Celtic Triangular Knot Pendant

Celtic Triangular Knot Pendant



Celtic Triangular Knot Pendant

Designed in Scotland by Hamilton & Young’

Crafted using the finest British .925 sterling silver.

Comes with a 16″ sterling silver chain.

Approximately .80″ x 1.08.”

Will be sent to you in a quality black and gold presentation box.


Prior to mid 5th century, Celtic tribes did not possess a written language and relied on artwork for their non-verbal form of communication. Endless Knots were popular in designing jewelry, The Book Of Kells, and Celtic Crosses. Artists did not like straight lines or “unfilled” spacesĀ  and would not leave open ends in their work. If a blank space could not be avoided, they filled in the space with more knotwork. Religion played an important role in their daily lives and this shows in their use of Spiritually related Knots with specific meanings. They were very creative with their use of interlacing and weaving of knotted- chords which is perhaps the reason their jewelry remains popular in our chaotic world today. They loved unity and balance in their work.


Additional information

Weight.12 lbs
Dimensions2.75 × 2.75 × 1.25 in