Celtic Shamrock Pendant HY 9655

//Celtic Shamrock Pendant HY 9655

Celtic Shamrock Pendant HY 9655



Celtic Shamrock Pendant  HY 9655

This Celtic Shamrock Sterling Silver Shamrock Pendant will bring good luck to someone lucky enough to wear it. It is also known to have the power to ward off any evil spirits. Although the Irish Harp is the official symbol of Ireland, it is the Shamrock that is the most popular representative of the Irish people both at home and abroad. SEAMROG in the Irish Gaelic language means ” Little Clover.” It all started when St. Patrick (who was either Welsh or Scottish) returned to Ireland where he had been held captive as a slave for six years toward the end of the 4th century before escaping and returning home. While being held captive by Irish pagans, he turned to his religion for comfort and strength;  while home he was ordained and returned to Ireland to convert pagan Ireland to Christianity. While teaching the Blessed Trinity, he struggled in getting his message across. He reached down and picked a Shamrock, a plant believed to be sacred by the Irish Druids, and asked if it was one or three petals. His Irish followers said it was both. His message finally got through so the Shamrock saved the day.

This simple, yet remarkable Celtic Shamrock Pendant is crafted by Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers of the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh where goldsmiths and silversmiths have been making and selling quality jewelry for centuries, using the finest 925 Sterling Silver. It comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain and is shipped complete in a quality black and gold presentation box, making an ideal gift for yourself or someone you love. It measures approximately .75″ x .51″