Celtic Shamrock With Marcasite HY 9659

//Celtic Shamrock With Marcasite HY 9659

Celtic Shamrock With Marcasite HY 9659



Celtic Shamrock With Marcasite   HY 9659

Although the Irish Harp is the official symbol of Ireland, it i Each pendant comes with a 16″ sterling silver chain. The Shamrock which most popularly represents the Irish people both at home and abroad. One story has it that toward the end of the 4th century, St. Patrick picked a shamrock from the hillside and used its three leaves when explaining the meaning of the Holy Trinity to soon-to-be converted Druid pagans to Christianity. This beautiful pendant was designed and created, using the finest 925 Sterling Silver, by the skilled craftsmen of Hamilton & Young Jewelers on the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile stretches from the Edinburgh Castle to the Seat of Scottish government, downhill to the right is the old city and uphill on the left is the new city and along the Royal Mile, goldsmiths and silver smiths have been making and selling their jewelry for centuries.

What makes this handsome pendant different from the others is the artistic use of Marcasite Stones to enhance the natural beauty of Sterling Silver. It comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain and is shipped complete in an attractive black and gold gift presentation box. It measures approximately .71 x .51.”