Celtic Tree Of Life Pendant

Celtic Tree Of Life Pendant



Celtic Tree of Life Pendant.


Designed and made in Scotland by skilled Scottish craftsmen.

Made entirely using the finest British .925 sterling silver. 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% pure copper with palladium (member of the platinum family of precious metals).

Comes with a strong 16″ sterling silver chain.

Approxmately .67″ x .91″

Most people today look at trees and do not give them a second thought. We take them for granted, yet things were different  in ancient times when early Celts loved, respected, and even revered them as they reminded them of the cycle of eternal life. When they cleared the land and prepared the land, they always left a single tree in the center of their field. To them, the tree possessed magical powers and to cut down the last tree would be treated as a serious crime. To chop down the “CRANN BETHADH” of a rival tribe, however, would be seen as a great triumph.

The Tree of Life meant many different things to early Celts.  Its roots grew deep into the soil, connecting the tree with the earth, its branches reached to the heavens, and the trunk connected the roots with the branches. The Tree became the doorway to the Spiritual World. Under the branches of the tree, the tribe held gatherings when important decisions had to be discussed, when chieftains had to be appointed, and this is where Druid teachers would meet with their students. Under the branches of the tree is also where major religious sacrifices would be performed.