Celtic Triangular Trinity Knot Pendant HY 0486

//Celtic Triangular Trinity Knot Pendant HY 0486

Celtic Triangular Trinity Knot Pendant HY 0486



Celtic Triangular Trinity Knot Pendant  HY 0486

This Tastefully designed Celtic Trinity Knot within a heart was designed and crafted by Hamilton & Young Jewelers on the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh, home of Edinburgh’s goldsmiths and silversmith’s since the 5th century. Crafted entirely in the finest 925 Sterling Silver, it comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain and will be sent in a quality black and gold jewelers presentation box. It measures approximately .70″ x 1.15″

The Trinity Knot is also known as the Triquetra Knot or the Triskelion Knot; all are of a Triple Spiral design. These were popular patterns as ancient Celts often worked with Triads. The Trinity Knot and the Irish three petal Shamrock was in reference to The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost after the 5th Century conversion from Paganism to Christianity. Prior to this period, as followers of the Druid religion, the early Celts, had a clear understanding of their connection with nature. The Triquetra Knot symbolized life, death and rebirth, like the tree that dies during winter with its loss of leaves, only to be reborn in the Spring with the return of the leaves.. We are of the same nature which is shown in the weave of the knot. There is no beginning or end in the endless knot, nor is there a beginning or end during our eternal life. To the Celts, God is of necessity three things: the greatest part of life, the greatest part of science, and the greatest force/source of energy.

The encompassing heart (CRIDHE LUCHAIR) symbolizes the belief that “the heart is the key to life.”
The early Celts believed balance, faith, Love and eternal life were important concepts imbedded in their culture as these energies significantly influenced everyday life — and all are represented in the heart and the hear was considered a central part of the soul.

This beautiful pendant will make an excellent gift for any occasion. In this unique design, your loved one will possess the balance of love and faith she needs to carry her safely through her journey of eternal life.