Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant HY 9150

//Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant HY 9150

Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant HY 9150



Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant  HY 9150

This very attractive Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant is designed by the skilled craftsmen at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers on the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile stretches from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood, the seat of Scottish national government. It divides Old Edinburgh grew (inland)  from New Edinburgh (growing toward the coast) and has been the home of Scotland’s silversmiths and goldsmiths since early in the 15th century.

The design is based on traditional Celtic knotwork,  focusing on the Trinity Knot which was also known by the ancient Celts as the Triquetra (three cornered) Knot. It is crafted in the finest 925 Sterling Silver, tastefully enhanced with inset zircon gemstones It measures approximately .79″ X .59″  and comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain. We will be shipped from our inventory in a quality black and gold presentation box. It will make an ideal Christmas, Birthday or Valentines Day gift for yourself, for that special woman in your life, or for someone else who loves Scotland with its turbulent past and rich culture.

This striking pendant is another form of knotwork with its closed ends that make a continuous line and represents eternal life. Notice the over and under weave in the design. To the ancient Celt, this represents the ups and downs we experience during our journey in life as we travel between both the physical and “Other World.”  We may have a bad day, but a good day will follow; bad luck will be followed with good luck. When we leave the physical world, (under weave) we become invisible as we have entered the “Other World.” We will, however, return (over weave) sometime in the future for a continuous uninterrupted flow of lines line suggests that there is no end or beginning; our journey through life is seen as infinite. Notice a newborn will have features that resemble their elders or past family members who, according to ancient Celtic culture, have now returning. Celtic warriors called upon their ancestors to join them in battle. Enjoy wearing a reminder of our heritage.