Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant HY 0075

//Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant HY 0075

Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant HY 0075



Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant  HY 0075

All of our silver jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Scotland by skilled Scottish craftsmen using only the finest British .925 sterling silver. Each pendant comes with a 16″ sterling silver chain. Approximate size: .34″ x .63″

This beautiful  Celtic Trinity Knot is a traditional Celtic design crafted by Hamilton & Young jewlry Designers located on the Royal Nile in Edinburgh, home of Edinburgh’s gold and silversmiths since the 15th Century. With its “3” pointed design, it has become a leader of all Celtic endless knotwork (try to find its beginning and end). Being “endless,” it serves as a reminder that life and spiritual meaning are eternal. They are what makes us human and bonded with those who live in the “other world”. Used as both a Celtic and Christian symbol, The Trinity Knot symbolizes three inseparable essences formed from a single chord weaving gracefully into and out of itself.

The number three held a sacred meaning to the Celts, and the Trinity Knot in its eloquent simplicity , can be interpreted to symbolize many things. Examples include Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Heart, Soul and Mind (the three symbols that makes us human} ; Past, Present and Future (reminds us that life is an eternal journey); Maiden, Mother and Cronn  (in reference to both the three stages in life and the three Moon Goddesses who look after us at each stage of our life}. Today, people are referring to it simply as a LOVE Knot.

A blend of Celtic and Christian cultures, this little knot has been found on carved stones throughout Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle Of Man, Cornwall and England.