Claddagh Pendant HY 9240

//Claddagh Pendant HY 9240

Claddagh Pendant HY 9240



Claddagh Pendant  HY 9240

This very attractive Silver Claddagh Pendant with traditional Celtic Knotwork is designed by the team at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers on the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It is crafted entirely in the finest 925 Sterling Silver and comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain. It is shipped in a quality black and gold presentation box and measures approximately .65″ x 1.02″

The Claddagh design expresses love, friendship and loyalty. ” With these hands I crown you with my heart.” The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown shows loyalty and devotion. The Claddagh is named after one of the oldest fishing villages in Ireland near Galway Bay. One legend tells the story of a young fisherman who wanted her to have a momento of his love for her before setting off to sea, while another tells the story of a  young man who was captured and sold to a jeweler as a slave. While a slave, he learned the trade and years later, he escaped and returned to Ireland where he found his sweetheart still waiting for his return. he used his learned skill of jewelry and made the ring for her. Either way, it is traditionally a friendship ring worn by both men and women, often given as a gift to show love and devotion and as an engagement or wedding ring. During the massive migration to American during the potato famine in Ireland, mothers brought their Claddagh rings to give to their first married daughter. Many of these rings have stayed in the family for generations and will continue to be passed down to future members of the family. We now offer rings, pendants and brooches of the Claddagh design, all in the finest British .925 Sterling Silver.