Door Knocker: Large Dolphin

Door Knocker: Large Dolphin


This doorknocker is from our nautical collection. The dolphin is seen in Christianity as the emblem of Christ as savior. The Greek name for the dolphin is “dephis,” related to “delphys” and in ancient Greek mythology, it is seen as the bearer of the Gods, savior of humans and the carrier of souls to the islands of the Blessed. It is also revered as an attribute of Poseidon; Aphrodite (union of the masculine, solar world and the feminine watery world); Apollo with his wisdom and prophecy; Eros, Demeter and Dionysus. In many coastal Native American cultures it is considered both a divine messenger and a form of The Great Spirit. The seafaring Nebataean Arabs believed the dolphin to be the carrier of the souls of the dead to the underworld. All of our doorknockers are handmade by a leading British foundry that employs sand casting and uses a pure first-run ingot brass mix rich in copper for depth of colour and durability. Once the casting has cooled, it is removed from the cast, shot-blasted to remove any excess material, hand filed to remove any rough edges, then hand polished to enhance the beauty of quality brass. No scrap or recycled brass is used in the manufacture of our brassware. Measurements: 2″ wide, 7.25″ long and 32 ounces in weight.


Door Knocker Large Dolphin

Made in England by ARMAC Brassworks.

Hand cast using the finest British brass.

Cast mix consists of pure first-run ingot brass with a higher level of pure copper for a superior color.

Hand filed after casting to remove any rough edges.

Hand polished to enhance the beauty of quality brass.

Measures approximately 2.00″x  7.25.”

Weighs 2.00 pounds.

Additional information

Weight1.35 lbs
Dimensions7.25 × 2.00 × 3.00 in