DOOR KNOCKER: Maltese Dolphin DK 19

//DOOR KNOCKER: Maltese Dolphin DK 19

DOOR KNOCKER: Maltese Dolphin DK 19


From our Natutical Collection comes the popular Maltese Dolphin seen on front doors in Valletts and across Malta. Ancient Greeks believed the dolphin was the carrier of souls of the dead to the islands of the Blessed. This doorknocker is handmade by a leading British foundry employing sand-casting and using a first-run ingot brass mix righ in copper for depth of colour and durability.  Once cooled, the piece is removed from the cast, shot-blasted to remove excess material, haand polished to smooth any rough edges, then hand polished to enhance the natural beauty of quality brass. No scrap or recycled brass is used in any of our brassware. Approximate measurements: 9.25″ long, 3.25″ wide, and weighs slightly more than 2 pounds.


Maltese Dolphin  DK 19

From our nautical collection. Our large solid brass Dolphin door knocker is hand made by skilled craftsmen employed by a leading British foundry that has been creating quality brasswares for over 75 years. It is individually made using the traditional sand-cast method and a pure first-run ingot brass mix rich in copper for depth of colour and durability. No scrap or recycled brass is ever used…thus ensuring that no impurities are imbedded in the brass mix. After being removed, the cast is shot-blasted, hand dressed and hand filed to remove any excess material left during the casting process. The door knocker is hand polished to a high British standard and antiqued to give it background and definition in its pattern. The antique colouration is removed from the more pronounced areas to give the finished piece a beautifully aged look. Each is made to last for generations so after you have installed it on your front door, stand back and admire your selection. Measures approximately 9.25″ in length. 3.25″ in width and weights slightly over 2 pounds.