Horse Brass: Lincoln Cathedral

Horse Brass: Lincoln Cathedral


This is considered one of the most important Medieval cathedrals in England, if not Europe; a prominent landmark sitting on top of a hill facing Lincoln Castle and visible for miles in every direction. In the year 1072, William the Conqueror ordered it to be built and upon its completion Remigius, a Benedictine monk, became the first Norman Bishop of the Diocese. It was damaged by fire in 1141 and in 1185 it was again severely damaged by an earthquake. The central tower rises 271 feet, making it the tallest cathedral tower without a Spire (which blew down) in Europe. Before the spire collapsed in 1549, it rose to 525 feet making it the tallest building in the world for over 200 years..the first building to exceed the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. According to 14th century legend, two mischievous imps were sent by Satan to do evil on Earth. After creating chaos in Northern England, they travelled to the Lincoln Cathedral where they smashed chairs and tables and tripped up the Bishop. An angel appeared and ordered them to stop. One of the imps sat atop a stone pillar and started throwing stones at the angel while the other hid under the broken tables. The angel turned the first imp to stone and allowed the second to escape. The Lincoln Imp, can still be found, frozen in stone, sitting atop his stone column in the Angel Tower. We have the Imp doorknocker in stock.


Horse Brass: Lincoln Cathedral.

Made by ARMAC Brassworks, Birmingham, England.

Hand cast using the finest British brass.

Hand filed and hand polished after casting.


Designed and manufactured by ARMAC Brassworks in Birmingham, England where they have been producing quality brassware for more thn 75 years. Cast using a pure ingot brass mix rich in copper for superior colour and durability. Hand finished at the foundry.

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Weight.20 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.00 × .16 in