Horse Brass: Corfe Castle

Horse Brass: Corfe Castle


Corfe is the Old English word for “gap” or “pass.” Corfe Castle is located on a hillside in Corfe, Dorset and was the site of a royal residence long before the Norman Conquest. On March 18, 978 the young King Edward “The Martyr:” was murdered at the instigation of his stepmother Elfrida, in order to put his half-brother Ethelred “The Unready” on the throne. This murder is still commemorated by the massive, twin tower gateway known as the “Martyr’s Gate, built by William I on the site where the murder took place. In the 12th century the castle was unsuccessfully besieged by King Stephen in the wars of the Anarchy and became the favourite castle of King John who starved 22 French nobles who had advocated his overthrow to death and hung a local prophet, Peter the Hermit, forecasting the downfall of John. The castle survived the War of the Roses and was prepared to meet the Spanish Armada crisis if necessary. Its finest hour, however, was its magnificent defense in the Civil War between August 1644-February 1646…holding out against two sieges by Parliamentarians…capitulation forced only because of treachery in 1646…leading to the virtual destruction of what must have been one of Britain’s most fascinating castles. When the siege began, it was the only remaining Royalist stronghold between London and Exeter and stands today as one of the few castles never been successfully taken by assault. Corfe lost its royal status in the 16th century when Elizabeth I sold it to Sir John Banks.


Horse Brass: Corfe Castle.

Made by ARMAC Brassworks, Birmingham, England.

Hand cast using the finest British Brass.

Hand filed to remove any rough edges left from casting.

Hand polished to enhance the natural beauty of high quality brass.


ARMAC Brassworks has been creating quality brassware for more than 75 years.

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Weight.25 lbs