Horse Brass: Brackley Manor

Horse Brass: Brackley Manor


Brackley Manor is the manor house in Brackley, Northamptonshire, which dates back as a living community to the Iron Age. Brackley’s growth and prosperity is founded by its location on the main road from Northampton to Oxford. By the 13th century, it had become a staple town, sending representatives to meetings at Westminster in London. A castle was built for its protection and the town became the site for important meetings between barons and representatives of the King in 1215, the year of the Magna Carta. It is believed parts of the Magna Carta were drafted in the Manor House. Brackley sided with the Roundheads during the Civil War and attacked tired Royalist troops using the manor as a stopping place during their marches between Northampton and Oxford. Locals suddenly acquired horses from slain cavalry units and enjoyed the spoils of battle valued at between 6,000-7,000 British Pound Sterling which would amount to considerably more at todays value. The town was dominated by the Egerton family (the Earl of Ellesmmere and the Duke of Bridgewater) from the 17th century until the Reform Act of 1832. Brackley then lost its two Members of Parliament and its earlier importance, becoming a relatively quiet market town. It eventually lost its historic borough status it held for more than 700 years.


Horse Brass: Brackley Manor.

Made by ARMAC, Birmingham, England.

Individually hand cast using only the finest British brass.

Casting includes a pure first-run mix rich in copper for superior color and durability.

Hand filed to remove any rough edges left by casting.

Hand polished to enhance the superior color of quality brass.


ARMAC Brassworks has been creating quality brassware for more than 75 years.

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Weight.20 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.00 × .16 in