Horse Brass: Horse Rampant

Horse Brass: Horse Rampant


Legend has it that the stallion (Hengist) and the horse were the twin gods that led the first invasion of Britain. This helps us understand the significance of the huge chalk horses carved into the hillside in the county of Wiltshire. They are thought of like fierce warriors; skilled fighters who loved victory and were miserable when conquered. The horse portrays readiness to act for one’s country and is a symbol of speed, intellect and virility. As a horse-brass, it seldom has a rider, although it may be saddled and bridled. When in a Rampant position (rearing on its hind legs) it is ready for action; this is perhaps why it usually faces to the left…. as a warning to one who is approaching to treat the bearer with caution.. Facing to the right suggests a milder nature and compassion for others. It was sacred to Anglo-Saxons, representing great wealth and social rank and was associated with the Celtic goddess Epona, one of the few Celtic deities to be worshiped by the conquering Romans. This may help explain why ownership of one’s own horse was a pre-requisite before becoming a Knight.


Horse Brass: Horse Rampant.

Made by ARMAC Brassworks, Birmingham, England.

Hand cast using only the finest British brass.

Hand filed to remove any excess brass after casting.

Hand polished to enhance the natural beauty of high quality brass.


ARMAC Brassworks has been creating quality brassware for more than 75 years.

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Weight.25 lbs