Three Horseshoes In A Larger Horseshoe HBHS04

//Three Horseshoes In A Larger Horseshoe HBHS04

Three Horseshoes In A Larger Horseshoe HBHS04


The horseshoe was an ancient protective symbol. With the heel uppermost, it was used in magic to call on the protetion of the moon.


Three Horseshoes In A Larger Horseshoe HBHS04

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The number “3” was sacred to the early Celts; the Irish still use the phrase ” third time lucky” or “third time is a lucky charm.” Before they converted from Druidism to Christianity, Religion influenced almost every aspect of daily life and the number “3” was thought to be a Holy number; one that was respected among the Gods, Goddesses and our ancestors residing in the “Other” world. It served as a reminder of the alignment of our “being” (mind-body-soul) with the powerful spiritual forces.

With this in mind, this horsebrass would probably be attached to a martingale worn by a horse. This would bring the alignment of the horse (mind-body-soul) with the powerful spiritual forces that would protect it from the “evil eye.” A horse was a very important asset worthy of such protection.