Horse Brass: Windsor Grey

Horse Brass: Windsor Grey


The term “Windsor Grey” is given to the grey horses stabled in the Royal Mews near Buckingham Palace and used by the Royal Family of the United Kingdom to draw carriages and coaches during ceremonial functions, such as the annual opening of Parliament and the Trooping of the Colour. On occasion, they have been used representing the Crown in various carriage driving competitions, sometimes driven personally by Prince Phillip.


Horse Brass:Windsor Grey.

Made ARMAC Brassworks, Birmingham, England

Hand cast using only the finest British collector quality brass.

Casting mix includes pure first-run ingot brass rich in pure copper for a superior color.

Hand filed after casting to remove any rough edges.

Hand polished to enhance the natural beauty of high quality.



ARMAC has been creating quality brassware for more than 75 years. Individually cast using a first-run pure ingot brass mix rich in copper for depth of colour and durability. Hand filed to remove any rough edges, then hand polished to enhance the natural beauty of high quality brass.

Additional information

Weight.20 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.00 × .16 in