Horse Brass: Military Unit Collection: Women’s Army Corp

Horse Brass: Military Unit Collection: Women’s Army Corp


Women have always played an important role in the British military, but not as a permanent military unit. This changed when Her Majesty The Queen Mother became its Commandant-in-Chief in August 1939 to honour its Auxiliary Territorial Service in the armed forces. Due to its excellent performance between 1939-1945, the Women’s Royal Army Corps emerged as a permanent military unit on February 1, 1949. In the centre of the officers badge is a lioness rampant (ready to do battle) facing left (ready for action) surrounded with a laurel wreath representing continuity and a crown which represents Royal recognition for its outstanding service to the country..


Made by ARMAC Brassworks in England where they have been producing quality brasswares for over 75 years. Cast using a pure first-run brass ingot mix rich in copper for depth of colour and durability. Hand filed to remove any rough edges and hand polished to enhance the natural beauty of quality brass.

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Weight.20 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.00 × .16 in