Horse Brass: George III

Horse Brass: George III


Our horse-brasses are individually made by a leading English manufacturer that has been making high quality brass items for over 85 years. They use only first-run English ingot brass; no recycled brass is used and very little tin and zinc are added due to the high amount of copper used in the mix before firing. Each piece is individually cast, then shot-blasted to remove any excess brass, hand filed to provide a smooth finish, then hand polished to bring our the beauty of quality brass. George III was King of Great Britain and King of Ireland from 1760 until the union of these two countries in 1801, after which he became King of the United Kingdom. He is infamously known as the King who lost the American colonies. Had he not refused to intervene on behalf of the colonists who were angry with Parliament, the American Revolution may have been avoided and we would still be part of the Commonwealth.


Horse Brass: George III

Made in England by ARMAC Brassworks, Birmingham, England.
Individually hand-cast using only the finest British collector quality brass.
Hand-filed and hand-polished.
New. We purchased directly from ARMAC to build our inventory.
ARMAC is no longer making horse-brasses. As a result, we cannot replace items sold once we have depleted them from our inventory.

ARMAC Brassworks have been creating quality brasswares for more than 75 years. Our horse-brasses were made using pure first-run ingot brass with a high copper content for richness in colour and durability. Hand finished at the foundry.

Additional information

Weight.20 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.00 in