Horse Brass: Prince Of Wales Plume In Surround

Horse Brass: Prince Of Wales Plume In Surround


This Badge is thought to have originated with Edward, The Black Prince, who was ruler of Wales during the 14th century. According to legend, the Black Prince obtained the arms from the blind King, John I of Bohemia, against whom he fought and defeated in the Battle of Crecy in 1346. After the battle, the prince went to the body of the dead king, whom he admired for his bravery, and took his helmet lined with white feathers. The feathers with the dead king’s motto (Ich Dien…meaning “I serve”), would become the Prince’s new badge which has been used by subsequent Princes of Wales to present, currently Prince Charles. The title of prince of Wales has been held by all male heirs (eldest sons) to the throne since 1301 under Edward I, who created the title for his son, Edward II. His wife would hold the title of Princess of Wales. The Plume (feather) was often affixed to helmets during competitive tournaments. Plumes crossed at the quill by a scroll of parchment and the three feathers (sign of the Holy Trinity) encircled by a coronet as found in the current badge of the Prince of Wales, originated with Henry VIII. The most common plume used are from the ostrich and peacock. The three Ostrich feathers supports the notion of Divine Rule by the monarch.


Horse Brass: Prince of Wales Plume in Surround.

Mad by ARMAC Brassworks, Birmingham. England.

Hand cast using the finest British brass.

Casting mix consists of pure first-run ingot brass with a high amount of pure copper for superior color.

Hand filed to remove any rough edges after casting.

Hand polished to enhance the natural beauty of quality brass.


ARMAC Brassworks has been producing quality brassware for more than 75 years. Hand cast using a pure first-run ingot brass mix rich in copper for superior colour and value. Hand filed at the foundry to remove any rough edges and hand polished to enhance the true beauty of quality brass.

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Weight.20 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.00 × .16 in