Horse Brass: Tally Ho

Horse Brass: Tally Ho


“Tally-ho” is frequently associated with a call to riders during a fox hunt. “Tally-ho” reportedly came from the Palestinian-Arabic for “Come here” (Tal hum) and brought to the European continent by soldiers returning home from the Crusades. It was first introduced in England after the Norman Conquest in 1066, by William The Conqueror who was an avid deer hunter. The old Norman phrase was “Tye Hillaut” and was shouted when a deer had been found. The phrase was changed to “Tally oh” when introduced in England and is still shouted in fox hunts today. During WWII, it was commonly shouted by fighter pilots as a warning when enemy aircraft had been spotted and it has become the squadron motto of the famous 609th West Riding Squadron. Civilian pilots use “Tally-ho” telling air traffic controllers they have spotted air traffic on take off.


Horse Brass: Tally Ho.

Made by ARMAC Brassworks, Birmingham, England.

Hand cast using only the finest British brass.

Casting mix consists of pure first-run brass rich in copper for a superior color.

Hand filed to remove any rough edges left from casting.

Hand polished to enhance the natural beauty of high quality brass.


ARMAC Brassworks has beenĀ  creating quality brassware for more than 75 years.

Additional information

Weight.20 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.00 × .16 in