Horse Brasses – Single Circusbrass – elephant

//Horse Brasses – Single Circusbrass – elephant

Horse Brasses – Single Circusbrass – elephant


Our brasses are made of the finest quality English brass in a foundry in Birmingham, England. Each is cast and hand finished by skilled craftsmen. They are to be enjoyed today as a collectible, but are truly an heirloom of tomorrow. (Shown with martingale)


Horse-brasses are highly collectible, decorative, and each has a story of its own incorporated in its design by the craftsman who created it. Old English inns, hotels, manor homes, and pubs take pride in their collections by hanging them individually or attaching them to a martingale which is hung on wooden beams or on brick fireplaces. The Circus brass is a larger cousin to the horse brass. Each of our designs (over 40 in stock) has been passed down through the ages and protects the bearer from danger, promises good luck, is part of a family crest, or shows the type of work for which the horse is being used. Our horse brasses are approximately 3″ in diameter and weigh about 3.50 ounces. Our circus brasses are approximately 4.75″ in diameter and weigh about 11 ounces. We will include a brief history of the horse-brass free with your purchase.