Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Pendant HY 0892

//Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Pendant HY 0892

Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Pendant HY 0892



Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Pendant  HY 0892

This beautiful symmetric Silver Mackintosh Glasgow Rose Pendant is designed by the skilled artistic craftsmen at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and handcrafted entirely in the finest British .925 sterling silver.  It is made entirely in the finest 925 Sterling Silver and comes with a 16″ sterling silver chain. It is shipped in a quality black and  gold presentation box and measures approximately .47″ x 1.04″

This pendant comes from the Hamilton & Young Mackintosh collection which remains very popular due to its flowing lines and natural simplicity, a combination making each piece aesthetically beautiful. Charles Rennie Mackintosh ( 1868-1928) is proudly called the “famous architect of Glasgow”; “One of our own.” He was born in Glasgow where he spent most of his life as an architect, designer and artist. His work won numerous awards throughout Europe and a reputation as an innovator of design. He eventually became the main representative of Art Nouveau (new style) in Great Britain and inspired jewelry designers and potters in the Stoke-on-Trent area, including Clarice Cliff, to break from tradition; to become innovative and original in their work.  He believed that art should become a way of life rather than an entity within itself. Art, jewelry, furniture, textiles, household utensils, and even architecture, should be creative using natural forms and flowing lines to bring harmony between design and our natural environment. To him, beauty must come from within and creator. His movement inspired jewelers to shed their image as trained craftsmen and become true artists by abandoning the rigid lines associated with mass produced jewelry, to embrace individuality, creativity, and free flowing design of natural subjects such as flowers, gemstones, opals and moonstones. To show the natural beauty that comes from within where two pieces can be similar, but not the same.