Outlander Standing Stones Pendant with Moonstone (Large)

Outlander Standing Stones Pendant with Moonstone (Large)



Outlander Standing Stones Pendant with Moonstone

This large Outlander Standing Stones Pendant With Moonstone is designed by Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers on the world famous Edinburgh Royal Mile, home of Edinburgh’s goldsmiths and silversmiths since 1480. It is made entirely in the finest British .925 Sterling Silver, comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain and will be shipped in a quality jewelers presentation box. Measures approximately .99″ x .79″ This beautiful pendant will be a proud possession for yourself or someone else who loves Scotland, its rich culture and history.

The design of this pendant  was inspired by the Sacred Standing Stones used in the popular Outlander series with heroine Claire’s magical travel back into the past when visiting the circle of ancient Standing Stones which are located in the Scottish Highlands not far from Inverness/Loch Ness  where the story takes place.  The ancient Celts believed in the existence of two worlds: “Natural world” and the “Otherworld” (Spiritual). The boundary between the two was “fluid” making it easy for people (mainly women) to pass from one world to the other and back again with relative ease as they traveled the journey of eternal life. The moon in the pendant is represented by a genuine Moonstone that has been used in the making of jewelry for over 4000 years. The ancient Celts followed the Druid religion before converting to Christianity and worshiped their Moon Goddess “CERIDWEN, ” protecter all living things in both worlds, including travelers during the darkness of night from the “Evil Eye,” witches, and the unseen “mischievous fairies” that roam the universe. She also reconciles estranged sweethearts; in a sense, she represents the quality of hope during the times of stress in our lives. The design is encircled with the traditional Sacred Circle that collects powerful mystical cosmic energies from the universe to be at her disposal.

This beautiful pendant is unique and “a must” for someone who loves Scotland, its rich history and culture. The ancient Celts wore their ” jewelry” (amulets) for the same reason Christians wear their cross today.


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Weight.1125 lbs
Dimensions2.75 × 2.75 × 1.25 in