Piper Kiltpin

Piper Kiltpin



Piper Kiltpin

Designed and produced in Scotland by Art Pewter, the world’s largest producer of quality pewter Celtic kilt pins and jewelry.

Expertly crafted by skilled Scottish craftsmen using the finest English pewter, exceeding strict industry standards set by BSEN611-1 and British Standard 5140.

Non allergenic, non toxic, no lead, and easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

Measures approximately¬† L 4.00″ x W 1.50

Will be dispatched from our local inventory.


The bagpipe used as a musical instrument dates back more than 4000 years in Mesopotamia. The tradition of playing bagpipes at funerals for deceased members fire and police departments in the United States dates back more than 150 years when Irish and Scottish immigrated to the US in large numbers, bringing many of their traditions with them.

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Weight.05 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.050 × .50 in