Diana Princess of Wales (large collection)

Diana Princess of Wales (large collection)


The British studio that produces our coin sets is a leader in the field of nostalgic, commemorative and souvenir coin sets. Using genuine pre-decimil coins, stamps and bank notes no longer in circulation, they produce ideal British souvenir and original gift ideas. This commemorative collection of genuine coins and stamps issued by the Royal Mint during the life of Princess Diana (1961-1997),  highlights important dates and events in the life of Princesss Diana and includes coins, details, and stamps for each of the given dates. This collection is set in an attractive Luxury Frame:  H: 15 1/2″   W: 11 3/4.” and will become a treasured heirloom for its lucky owner. A beautiful commemorative piece for a beautiful person who will always be remembered and loved throughout the world.


Diana Princess of Wales (large collection)

Assembled by Coinage Studios in England.

Includes coins and rare postage stamps issued by the Royal Mint.

Coins and stamps are displayed behind glass in a Luxury solid wood frame.

Will be sent to you from our local inventory.



This Diana Princess of Wales collection of genuine circulated pre-decimal coins and uncirculated stamps is the larger of two collections commemorating the life of Princess Diana (1961-1997). It is beautifully framed in a Luxury Wood Frame and comes ready for placing on the wall.

Pre-decimal coins and rare uncirculated postage stamps are mounted next to written details of events in her life during the year of the coin or stamp. The uncirculated stamps are no longer available, making this special edition a true collectors item. A great gift for someone who wants to remember a Princess, mother of the future King, who won the hearts of people throughout the world. It is unique, not available in stores, and no longer in production.

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Weight1.70 lbs
Dimensions15.50 × 11.75 × 2.00 in