Souvenir of Great Britain

Souvenir of Great Britain


A three coin set presented on an illustrated card behind a protective cover. These authentic coins were issued by the Royal Mint to include a pre-decimal half penny, the twelve sided brass threepence, and sixpence, all of which were withdrawn from circulation when England switched to a decimal system of coinage. The three penny brass coin was the first twelve sided coin introduced in British coinage;  all of the pre-decimal coins and notes were of different sizes, shapes and thickness in order to be able to differentiate between them even in the dark.


Souvenir of Great Britain

This is a traditional coin set of three authentic pre-decimal British coins minted by the Royal Mint. It is placed on a card and protected by a plastic cover.

The set includes:

Half-penny first placed into circulation by the Royal Mint in 1672 and withdrawn in 1967 when England converted to a decimal system of currency.  (pronounced haypnee or haypnee-bit). A Pence is a penny.

Threepence  was first introduced into circulation by the Royal Mint in 1937 and withdrawn in 1967. (pronounced thrupence, also known as a thrupnee-bit)

Sixpence was first placed into circulation in  1551 and withdrawn in 1967. Coins are displayed on a card enclosed in a plastic cover. (2 sixpence coins = 1 shilling in value)


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Weight.06 lbs
Dimensions4.00 × 2.75 × .25 in