The 20th Century Collection

The 20th Century Collection


The British studio that produces our coin sets is a leader in the field of nostalgic, commemorative and souvenir coin sets. Using genuine pre-decimal coins, stamps, and bank notes no longer in circulation, they produce the ideal British souvenir and original gift ideas. This Limited Edition collection of genuine British pre-decimal coins and historic stamps celebrates the events of the last century in Britain. It features the historic coins and stamps minted by the Royal Mint from the reign of Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. Each ten year segment of time includes important historic events and genuine stamps and coins of the given decade. Included are a rare unused Victorian stamp and silver (.500 silver) three penny piece, the “Joey” that was demonitised in 1944, George VI penny, Queen Elizabeth penny, stamps issued during the reign of Edward, a farthing (1/4th of a penny), uncirculated stamps commemorating the Battle of Britain, honoring Prime Minister Churchill, the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother), Queen Elizabeth II, and the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. This collection is set in a Luxury mahogany frame measuring approximately 20″ X 15.” This Limited Edition of 1000 is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is truly a collector piece. We currently have 10 in our inventory.


The 20th Century Collection.

Assembled by Coinage Studios in England.

Numbered Limited Edition (1000) Collection with Certification.

Celebration of 100 years of British Royal History.

Pre-decimal and “new” coins plus rare (Mint Condition) postage stamps issued by the Royal Mint.

Approximately 20″ x 15″

Will be sent to you from our local inventory.



This Limited Edition collection of eleven genuine pre-decimal coins and thirteen rare uncirculated stamps celebrates one hundred years of British Royal History. In this collection, the 20th Century is divided into units of ten decades, each containing coins and uncirculated stamps issued by the Royal Mint during the ten year segment of time. In addition, each unit shares information regarding the Monarchs reigning during that period.

Coins and uncirculated stamps include:

Farthing (1/4 penny in circulation from 1672 -1956), Half-Penny (1672-1967), Penny ( 1797-1967), Pennies from the reign of George IV, Edward, and Queen Elizabeth II, Silver Three-pence (1551-1944), Brass Three-pence (1937-1967… the first 12 sided coin), Sixpence (1551-1967),  Five New-pence issued in 1971, Ten New-pence (1971-1992), Shilling(1548-1967), and Fifty-pence issued in 1971.

Uncirculated stamps include:  Queen Victoria, King Edward V11, George V1, King Edward V111,  The Battle Of Britain, Winston Churchill, England’s 1966 World Cup victory, Queen Elizabeth 11  (First series of decimal stamps issued in 1970), Commemorating the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, a special stamp issued in 1990 commemorating the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother), Queen Elizabeth holding baby Prince Charles and another of Queen Elizabeth 11 in full Regalia. These uncirculated postage stamps are almost impossible to find today making this Limited Edition a collector’s dream and heirloom of tomorrow.




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Weight2.50 lbs
Dimensions20.0 × 15.0 × 2.0 in