Carded Penny Farthing Bicycle

Carded Penny Farthing Bicycle


Commemorating a time of the past with authentic coins of the time. The larger front wheel consists of a penny and the smaller rear wheel is marked by a farthing (1/4th of a penny).
When looking at these old coins I often wonder about the lives of the many who have carried them in  their pockets and purses over the years. A farthing went a long way when the penny farthing bicycle revolutionized the transportation system.


Carded Penny Farthing Collection

Assembled by Coinage Studios in England.

These coins were issued by the Royal Mint and between 1966 and 1971 were withdrawn when Britain converted to a decimal system of currency.

This small carded collection consists of a genuine Victorian Penny mounted as the front wheel, and a Farthing (1/4 penny) as the rear wheel.



The history of the Penny Farthing bicycle is included on the back of the card.

The Victorian Age is famous for the innovative technology created during her reign. One was the “penny-farthing” bicycle developed by British engineer James Starley. It was popular in the 1870’s and 1880’s when it was often called a “high wheeler. The long gooseneck connecting the front and rear wheels had a step to help the rider mount the bicycle from the rear and the large diameter front wheel made it easier to peddle. Believe it or not, penny-farthing bicycle races are still held among enthusiasts. This historic collection of carded genuine pre-decimal coins includes an interesting and humorous history of the bicycle on the back of the card.













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