Coins of the Realm

Coins of the Realm



Coins of The Realm

Collection of pre-decimal coins created by Coinage Studios in England.

All coins are original, minted and placed into circulation by the Royal Mint. Taken out of circulation when Britain converted to  a decimal system.

Collection is behind glass in a handsome 6.34″ x 5.34″ wood frame.

Dates in circulation listed below coins.

Comes to you from our local inventory under glass in a very nice wood frame that is ready to mount.



This beautiful framed collection with its backdrop of both the St. George and Saltire flags, has been one of our more popular items. This tastefully displayed collection of 8 authentic pre-decimal coins includes all the issued pre-decimal coins except for the silver three-pence and Crown. It includes:

Farthing  (1/4 penny  1672 – 1956).

Half-penny (1672-1967).

Penny (1797-1967).

Brass Threepence (1937-1967).

Sixpence (1551-1964)


Florin ( two shilling coin 1849-1967).

Half-Crown coin (value: two shillings and sixpence  1551-1967).



Additional information

Weight.15 lbs
Dimensions6.75 × 5.75 × 1.00 in