Rule Britannia

Rule Britannia



This coin collection includes authentic pre-decimal coins struck during the years of national “glory,” but are no longer in circulation. A farthing (1/4th of a penny), half penny, penny and a brass three pence are affixed on a illustrated card honouring the Battle of Britain. All of the coins are dated and were issued by the Royal Mint during WW11. A very nice piece of history. Order now PRE-DECIMAL COIN COLLECTIONS: Rule Britannia.


Rule Britannia

This interesting carded collection includes four genuine pre-decimal coins spanning the period of WWII. Its background is a picture of Britannia and the RAF in action during The Dambusters Raid in May of 1943.

Coins protected by a plastic cover.

Coins include: Farthing: ( 1/4 penny)  originally introduced by the Royal Mint in 1672 and discontinued in 1956.

Half-penny:  originally introduced 1n 1672 and was discontinued in 1967 when Great Britain converted to the decimal system.

Penny:  originally introduced in 1797 and was discontinued in 1967.

Brass three-pence: ( pronounced thruhpknee bit). Originally minted and placed into circulation in 1937 and discontinued in 1967.

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Weight.12 lbs
Dimensions5.00 × 6.00 × .25 in