Souvenir of Great Britain

Souvenir of Great Britain


This set Includes an authentic/original Victorian penny over 100 years old, attractivelly illustrated by the Coinage in-house design team in England and  displayed in a handsome wood frame. Victoria had a special closeness to Scotland which makes a penny minted during her reign a fitting souvenir. The Queen Mother, mother of Queen Elizabeth 11 maintained the family Scottish connection with her beloved second home of Balmoral Castle.


Souvenir of Royal Scotland

Genuine pre-decimal penny minted by the Royal Bank of Scotland. Displayed in an attractive wood frame (4.50″ X 6.50) made in Edinburgh.

Queen Victoria loved Scotland and bought what became Balmoral Castle, located between Glasgow and Edinburgh.  She later purchased another 1000 acres for Prince Albert to have a place for his hunting. Balmoral remains in the Royal family and is frequently visited by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip when they visit Scotland.


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Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 × 2.75 × .25 in