The Royal Windsor Collection

The Royal Windsor Collection


The British studio that produces our coin sets is a leader in the field of nostalgic, commemorative and souvenir coin gifts. Using genuine pre-decimal coins, stamps and bank notes, they produce the ideal British souvenir and original gift ideas. This Premier Range collection of genuine British pre-decimal coins is composed of nine pre-decimal coins, including the famous “silver threepence” which was one of the most popular coins before it was withrawn from circulation in 1944. Included are the farthing (1/4th of a penny in use between 1672-1956), half-penny (1672-1967), penny (1797-1967), silver threepence (1551-1944), brass twelve sided threepence (1937-1967) sixpence (1551-1967), shilling (1548-1967), florin (1849-1967) half-crown (1672-1967). The set is presented in an attractice wood frame with an illustrated background by a British in-house design team. Approximate measurements: 8 3/4″ X 6 3/4.”


The Royal Windsor Collection

Created by the Coinage Studio in England.

Authentic pre-decimal coins displayed behind glass in a quality wood frame.

FARTHING (1/4 of a penny). First introduced in 1672 and withdrawn from circulation in 1956.

HALF-PENNY (pronounced “haypnee.”) in circulation from 1672 and withdrawn in 1967 when Britain
converted to the decimal monetary system.

PENNY. (pence) Introduced in 1797 and withdrawn in 1967. There were 100 pennies to one British Pound Sterling.

A rare SILVER THREE PENCE. (three penny coin pronounced “thrupnee bit” or “thrupnee.”)
Introduced in 1551 and withdrawn in 1944. (Silver became scarce during the Depression
and WW11). It was replaced by a new thicker brass twelve sided coin introduced in 1937 and withdrawn in
1967. The twelve sides made it easier for a blind person to “recognize” and others to
identify when digging into their pocket for change in the dark.

SIXPENCE. Introduced in 1551 and withdrawn in 1967. Two sixpences equal a shilling.

SHILLING. Introduced in 1548 and withdrawn in 1967. There were 12 shillings to a British Pound Sterling.

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Weight.54 lbs
Dimensions8.75 × 6.75 × 1.00 in