The Scottish Sterling Collection

The Scottish Sterling Collection


This collection of genuine pre-decimal coins is set on a tartan background with a Celtic border. It  includes the farthing (1/4th of a penny) that was in circulation from 1672 to 1956, a half-penny in circulation from 1672-1967, a penny in circulation between 1797 to 1967 and a three-penny piece in circulation from 1531 to 1944. These are authentic coins displayed with an illustrative background designed by a British an in-house team and presented in an attractive wood frame that measures:
6 3/4″ X  5 3/4.”


The Scottish Sterling Collection

Assembled by Coinage Studios in England.

Coins issued by the Royal Mint.

Coins taken out of circulation by the Royal Mint 1966-1971 when Britain converted to a decimal system.

Coins are placed behind glass and displayed in a highly attractive wood frame.



Coins include:



Britannia Penny.

Brass three penny coin.

Additional information

Weight.51 lbs
Dimensions6.50 × 5.75 × 1.00 in