Roderick Dubh Claidhmhor Kiltpin

Roderick Dubh Claidhmhor Kiltpin



Roderick Dubh Claidhmhor Kiltpin

Designed and produced in Scotland by Art Pewter, the largest producer of quality kilt pins in the world.

Expertly handcrafted by skilled Scottish craftsmen using the finest English Pewter, exceeding strict industry standards set by BSEN611-1 and British Standards 5140.

Non-allergenic, non-toxic, no lead, will not tarnish and easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

Approximate size: L 3.25″ x  W 1.25″



The Roderick Dubh Sword Pin represents the sword owned by Roderick MacLeod, known also as “Old Rory,” who lived from 1500-1595 and served as Chief of Clan MacLeod of Lewis. His sword is referred to as Dubh which means “Broadsword.” His life, as for many, was filled with battles for honor, title and land until his final defeat by the Mackensies.  This is a replica of his sword that replaced the Claidhmhor during the late 18th century when the musket became the primary weapon of the English. The Claidhmhor was more valuable during hand to hand combat, but the musket required a new weapon. The broadsword blade was double sided, thinner and the sword much lighter to use, thus more nimble against the bayonet as one could knock it aside then slash or stab the opponent who did not have time to reload.

Kilt pins were first introduced during the 19th century and remain popular decorations for the kilt, kilted skirt, or shawl. Precise placement of the is left to individual preference, but it should be fasten through the outer layer of the material about 2″ to 3″ from the bottom and edge of the kilt.

Additional information

Weight.05 lbs
Dimensions3.50 × 3.00 × .50 in