Scottish Lion Pendant

Scottish Lion Pendant



Scottish Lion Pendant

Designed in Scotland by skilled Scottish craftsmen.

Made entirely with the finest British .925 sterling silver.

Comes with a 16″ sterling silver chain and will be sent to you in an attractive gift box.

Approximately .35″ x .73″

Will be sent in an attractive black and gold gift box.

The symbol of a lion has been used as a heraldic device for many centuries by Scottish Kings, when flags and banners were important during battle to identify opposing elements in battle, William The LionĀ  (1165-1214) adopted a heraldic device showing a rampant lion, the King of Beasts, rearing with its three paws stretched out. This became the Royal coat of arms in Scotland and was incorporated into the Great Seal of Scotland which is placed on all official documents.


Additional information

Weight.12 lbs
Dimensions2.75 × 2.75 × 1.25 in