Silver Thistle Pendant Round 9094

//Silver Thistle Pendant Round 9094

Silver Thistle Pendant Round 9094



This Silver Thistle Pendant Round is designed by the skilled craftsmen at Hamilton & Young Jewelers and Designers on the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It is crafted entirely in the finest 925 Sterling Silver and comes with a 16″ chain. It is shipped in a quality black and gold presentation box and measures approximately .51″ x .83″

The Thistle is not the most attractive plant in Scotland, but it is tough and prickly. Scottish Motto: ” NEMO ME IMPONE LACESSIT ” means “No one harms me without punishment.” Today it is seen on jewelry, letterheads and logos to establish roots as being truly Scottish, and displayed with pride. The Thistle came into the favor of the Scottish during times when Scotland was frequently being invaded and its coastal villages plundered by the Vikings and Danes. On a number of occasions invaders took advantage of the darkness of night to organize a surprise attack. They removed their footwear to move more swiftly and silently in an attempt to attack the sleeping Clansmen for a quick victory. They were unaware of the sharp thorns of the Thistle and unfortunately for them, they yelled in surprise and pain when the prickly spikes penetrated deeply into their feet. This awakened the sleeping Scots and warned them in time to defeat the invaders. The Thistle became the national emblem during the 15th century and was honored on silver coins during the reign of King James 111 in 1470. When King James V married Princess Margaret of England in the 16th century, the renowned Scottish William Dunbar referred to it as The Marriage of “The Thistle And the Rose” as it united England with Scotland. The rose being the emblem of England. In 1540 The Order Of The Thistle was founded.

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