Silver Thistle Pendant (round)

Silver Thistle Pendant (round)



Silver Thistle Pendant (round)

Designed by Hamilton & Young Jewelers in Scotland.

Made with the finest British .925 sterling silver.

Measures approximately .51″ x .83.”

Comes with a 16″ sterling silver chain.

Sent to you from our local inventory in an attractive gold and black jewelers presentation box.


The Thistle is tough, prickly and has alerted Highland fighters of invaders during the darkness of night in the night giving them time to organize and defeat the barefooted enemy. The Scottish Motto “NEMO ME IMPONE LACESSIT ” means “No one harms me without punishment.” So true with the protection of the Scottish thistle that grows wild throughout the Highlands. Today it is seen on jewelry, letterheads, and business logos as being truly Scottish; displayed with pride.

The Scottish thistle became the National Emblem during the 15th century and was inscribed on all silver coins during the reign of King James III by Royal Decree in 1470. When King James V married Princess Margaret of England in the 16th century, the renowned Scottish William Dunbar referred to it as The Marriage of “The Thistle And the Rose.” In 1540 The Order Of The Thistle was founded. The Scottish Thistle has earned its place in Scottish history.