Old Lady (aka “Granny Anne”) Teapot

Old Lady (aka “Granny Anne”) Teapot


ONLY A FEW LEFT. A rare teapot. This design was first introduced in the midlands by Ralph Wood in the 18th century to honour the “country lass.” Made and hand painted by Wood Potters of Burslem, Staffordshire, England. Very popular among collectors who also know her as “Granny Anne.” Stands approximately 7.50″ high. Available in blue, yellow, or red trim. Please specify choice of colour… we have only a limited supply of each colour trim in our inventory.


Old Lady (aka “Granny Anne”) Teapot.

Made and hand painted by Wood Potters Of Burslem, Stoke On Trent, Stafforshire, England.

Very popular with collectors who also know her as “Granny Anne.”

Available in blue, red, or yellow trim. Please specify your color of choice.

Stands approximately 7.50″ high.

The Wood Pottery was established by Ralph Wood in the mid 18th century, after finishing his apprenticeship under the guidance of Josiah Wedgewood. The pottery remained in the hands of generations of Wood family members until in was destroyed by fire. This pottery is the first on record to make the Toby Jug commercially, about 85 years before Royal Dalton began making them. Most of the employees were family members, many of whom eventually set out to start their own potteries. The Wood family focused on the domestic market instead of seeking the world market for their merchandise. As a result, the English are more familiar with the Wood name.

Tony Wood spent his adult life running his pottery, often using some of the old family molds such as the “Old Lady” teapot. After the fire, he decided to retire rather than rebuild.

Old Ellgreave Pottery bought many of the molds that escaped the fire and agreed to hire most of Tony’s employees. Sadly, many of the old masterpieces will no longer be available in their “new’ state. Once our inventory has been sold, they will no longer be available as the owner of Old Ellgreave Pottery has recently retired and his daughter, who has taken over, is interested only in producing more contemporary pieces.