William The Contortionist Teapot

William The Contortionist Teapot


ONLY A FEW LEFT. The pattern for this teapot was first introduced by Ralph Wood about the time of the American Revolution and is no longer in production. The middle class was beginning to emerge and was seeking functional items that would reflect dancing flames from the fireplace, adding a sparkle to the otherwise colourless surroundings in their thatched roof cottages. One leg serves as the handle and the other the pouring spout. Made and handpainted by Wood Of Burslem, Staffordshire, England. Very popular with collectors, although they have been cleared by American Customs for daily use as a teapot. Approximately 5.00″ tall.

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William The Contortionist Teapot.

Made and hand painted by Wood Potters Of Burslem, Staffordshire, England.

Approximately 5.00″ tall.

This is a reproduction of a unique and very old teapot that was first introduced by Ralph Wood in the 18th century.

No longer in production, very popular with collectors in England.

The right leg is the handle and the left, the spout.