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Mini Thistle Quaich   PMMQ 39

The quaich (pronounced “quick” ) is the traditional Highland toasting cup used originally to greet guests as a welcome and again when they were leaving to wish them a happy return. It is now gaining popularity for toasting major holidays and special events such as engagement announcements, weddings, births, christenings,  job promotions, and just about any excuse to share a dram of whiskey (single malt of course) or brandy. As you can see, the word derives from the Gaelic word “cauch” which means ” shallow up.”

The shape of a circle symbolizes “Eternity” and “Unity” as does the surrounding Celtic knotwork that illustrates an interface flowing endlessly on as the sea, with no beginning or end. A fitting design for toasting friendship and for a long life with family and friends. These intricate patterns reached their peak in the 11th century and illuminated the manuscripts of the Linesfarne Gospel and Book of Kells.

APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS:  3.00″ from outer tips of lugs, Diameter of bowl 2.00″ and depth of bowl .25″

Our quaichs are designed using ancient Celtic symbolism and individually handmade by the skilled craftsmen at Pewtermill Crafts which is located in the Aylshire valleys of Wester Scotland. They are made entirely in Fine English Pewter: 91% pure first-run tin (the 4th most valuable precious metal, 7.5% pure antimony and 1.5% pure copper. Fine English Pewter is strictly controlled by BSENg111 and British Standard 5140. No lead or nickel are added to the mix, making it non-allergenic and non-toxic.

Pewtermill Crafts is a member of the prestigious Association of British Craftsmen (ABPC) and includes its mark on each their products.

We provide free shipping from our local inventory to any address within the continental United States and a full refund of the purchase price if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The refund does not include the cost of returning the product for a refund,


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