Mini Thistle Quaich

Mini Thistle Quaich


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Mini Thistle Quaich

Designed and handmade in Scotland by Pewtermill Crafts.

Craftsmanship and metals exceed industry standards set by BSEN611-1 and British Standard 5140.

Each piece is Quality Hallmarked with Pewtermill’s exclusive “tap mark.

Non-allergenic and non-toxic

Width: approximately  3″ from outer tips of the handles.

Diameter:  of the bowl is 2.”

Depth of the bowl is .25″


The word “Quaich” comes from the Gaelic word “Cuach” which means “swallow up.”  In Scotland it is the traditional Toasting Cup used to celebrate special holidays, special occasions such as engagement announcements, births, christenings, and job promotions. During wedding toasts, the bride and groom share a dram of whiskey (single malt of course) while each holds one of the two handles (lugs). This symbolizes their togetherness and lifelong unity. In Ireland, wine is often the drink of choice as the sweetness and bitterness the newly joined couple shares from the quaich illustrates the joys and sorrows of life the new pair promise to take together.

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Weight.1188 lbs
Dimensions2.75 × 2.75 × 1.00 in